By OR Admin
02/16/22 21:59

Welcome to the 2022 Ohio Randonneurs Brevet Season

Can you believe we are just 4 weeks away from the start of another season?

Brevets this year will feature isolated back-country scenery, low traffic roads and hills – lots of hills. The PBP de facto climbing standard is approximately 45 ft per mile, 2900 ft per 100 km. After the flat March 12 200 from Xenia, the remaining brevets will have close to the PBP standard.

The Wooster 200 lies in the most traditionally Amish part of Ohio, arguably an area even more scenic than the Hocking Hills. Riders may choose to invite partners and friends to tour numerous attractions during the ride. While the 300, 400 and 600 are also in scenic parts of the state, they are less oriented to vacationers and visitors.

The 300, 400 and 600 all begin in Chillicothe, then travel South (to Gallipolis, with its French heritage) for the 300, or South and West for the 400 and 600. The Chillicothe headquarters motel is America’s Best Value Inn. It’s located in a working class/warehouse area, convenient to the routes, clean and affordable but not visually appealing. During the summer the motel provides long-term lodging for contract workers in Chillicothe. Because of this practice, it is best to make room reservations now!

All routes are in 911 emergency number zones. However, because the routes are in remote areas, cellular phone access may be limited. For this reason, it is especially important that you have tested your GPS unit or other form of navigation, and that you have a backup in the event of primary failure.

OR will use several information controls this year. You can satisfy the requirement either by answering the question to be provided at the start, or by providing an EPP for the completed route. We did our best to ensure passage through markets and 24-hour convenience, but with the economy in turmoil and many establishments shortening hours, you may not be able to entirely rely on on-route services for nutrition and hydration.

Before you start, please update your personal information, especially your emergency contact information. Also, before you start, confirm that your lighting meets or exceeds the RUSA standards. For example, tail lights must be visible from behind. Lights mounted on seat stays must be oriented directly to the rear. Those which fail this standard will be unable to start if riding in darkness is likely.

I fully intend to ride the series with the group this year. I’m not sure how my fitness will be post-accident, but in the event I am able to do so, protocol will change for post-ride completion confirmation. EPP is still the preferred practice, but should you choose to use a physical brevet card as your only means of tracking your ride, please pay close attention to the instructions on where to deposit your brevet card post-ride.

Lastly please continue to bear in mind the COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing effect on our health and safety. All riders are STRONGLY encouraged to have full and up to date vaccination status. At the moment you won’t be expected to present vaccination cards, masks or sanitizers during check-in.


Our main series schedule

  • March 12 @ 8:00am = ACP 200k from the Ramada parking lot in Xenia, OH
  • April 9 @ 8:00am = ACP 200k from Comfort Suites in Wooster, OH
  • April 30 @ 6:00am = ACP 300k from America’s Best Value in Chillicothe, OH
  • May 7 @ 7:00am = Ohio Fleche to David Buzzee’s house in Columbus, OH
  • May 21 @ 6:00am = ACP 400k from America’s Best Value in Chillicothe, OH
  • June 4 @ 5:00am = ACP 600k from America’s Best Value in Chillicothe, OH


Other events

  • June 11 – ACP 300k anniversary ride with Indiana Randonneurs from Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN
  • September TBD - Randonneuring 101 Populaire from Cyclist Connection in Canal Winchester
  • October TBD – RUSA 200k from the Ramada parking lot in Xenia, OH