By Jonathan Karpick
01/03/22 17:53

Ohio Randos 2022

The ball has dropped, the calendar changed, and old man winter snuck in with the blustery winds of the year passed. It’s officially 2022, and that means your base training and event planning has already begun… right?!

With the new year comes a few small changes to our program here in Ohio. You’ve probably already noticed the launch of our new website back in November. Be sure your membership on our page, as well as with RUSA, is active for 2022 ASAP. Four riders were turned away last year due to inactive membership, don’t let that be you in 2022!

2023 is a PBP year, which means many of you are planning to complete a full series, or possibly even a 1200k this year. Remember, the longer the distance you ride in an ACP event this year, the earlier you get access to send in that application! At this point, you’ve already started learning French, plotting out your bike and attended the PBP webinar. If not, you’re already behind! The next PBP webinar airs xx/xx. Don’t miss it! (That includes myself!)

In Ohio this year, we have two opportunities to complete your ACP 200k, as well as the reintroduction of the Ohio Flèche. If you haven’t already started contact with your prospective teams for the flèche, send me an email expressing your interest and we’ll get you in contact with the right party members. A Facebook page and email thread will go up shortly for those in Southwest Ohio. Groups have started and/or expressed interest from Northern and central Ohio as well. 

Fair warning, our routes this year are hillier than last, all except the March 200k and the second day of the 600k. We’ve complied this time with the ACP standard of 6,000 feet per 200k to start warming up your climbing muscles for next year. 

The routes will take place in southern and central Ohio, with Chillicothe being our central city for the 300k, 400k, and 600k. We’re having the routes reviewed and getting in contact with hotels now. Expect an update in February with booking information. 

Lastly, we need to mention that COVID-19 and it’s variants are still surging and we need to do our part to maintain our safety and that of those around us. Please consider vaccination if you haven’t already, and utilize EPP, sanitizer, and masks during our brevets. At this point I’m not mandating anything the government isn’t. You should know by now what to do to keep yourself healthy! 

In the meantime, registration is up on the website and many have already started adding our events to the calendar. Get that trainer tire or winter bike warmed up, and starting putting in some base! 

See you on the road. 

Alex B
Ohio RBA