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10/25/21 00:49

Alex Bachmann - 8/31/2020

Beginning September 26th, the Ohio region will resume hosting brevets with the following additional rules in accordance with CDC and Ohio government guidelines…

1) All participants will be required to engage in an at-home health check the same day prior to arriving at scheduled events. Any participant, rider, spectator, volunteer or otherwise, shall not be allowed to participate or make presence at any Ohio RUSA events if they are showing COVID-19 or related symptoms, especially including a temperature of 100.4 or higher, cough, shortness of breathe, sore throat, aches, chills, or any other flu-like symptoms.

2) All participants diagnosed with COVID-19 or exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19 will be required to present professional medical proof of a negative test of symptoms before being allowed to participate in the future.

3) Social distancing (registration and check in) – All entry fees must be paid online through the Ohio Randonneurs website. No physical brevet cards, waivers, or cue sheets will be available at the start of events. Upon sign up, these documents will be emailed individually to registrants. Registrants are encouraged to sign waivers and upload them digitally, to upload and email brevet cards after an event digitally, and to print out any cue sheets needed personally. In the event a rider chooses to hand in physical copies, they will be held in a sterilized drop box for 7 days after the event before results are submitted.

4) The use of electronic proof of passage will be the preferred method of results tracking, hereby defined in our region as

  • A GPS timed and dated file which includes an overall time as well as a moving time
  • A timed and dated, recognizable photo of controls must be submitted for any unmanned control.
  • Manned control volunteers will keep track of arrival times through a check in sheet.

5) Social distancing at the ride – All participants are required to maintain 6 feet of distance from all persons, participating or otherwise, at all times while present at events. Drafting and group riding is only acceptable for groups who arrive together. Snack sharing, snot rockets, and roadside assistance is not allowed. Riders are encouraged to stagger their start times to avoid leaving in a large group.

6) PPE – All riders will be required to show and possess a facial mask and hand sanitizer throughout the event. Masks must be worn at all gatherings and inside any business one enters. These items will not be made available to riders at send off.

7) Manned controls – We will attempt to man as many controls as possible. Volunteers must wear gloves and face masks and use sanitizer prior to assisting riders. Volunteers may have limited supplies, so riders are encouraged to bring all items necessary to finish their own ride.

8) All CDC and Ohio government COVID-19 safety rules and regulations shall be treated as Ohio Randonneuring rules and regulations.