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10/24/21 23:32

David Roderick - 5/28/2018

Good rides always have stories. Probably one of the best stories this ride is Ron Selby’s tale of two moons in the wee hours of the morning. Ask him about it.

Another good story is the fact that new RUSA member Ben Slay and his girlfriend Dawn Mettler volunteered to man the turnaround control. After all of the riders had passed, they took the excess food stuffs to the volunteer fire department of Camden.

Robert Schopis was able to get what he needed at Countryside Bike Shop in Greenville, and yet finished with a bloody elbow and knee. James Vajda was seen sporting the new Randonneurs USA kit, while riding around his own neighborhood. Apparently Ted Meisky and Dave Miller chose some favorite roads of his when constructing the route. All riders who started, finished.

The other story from the ride is the fact that some riders need to refresh themselves on randonneuring rules from their RUSA handbook. The rules pertaining to brevet cards and reflective surface.

Next up…. The OR ACP 600K

The first 400K of the 600K will be the same route as the just completed 400K. To that, riders need to add the first twenty miles or so from the 200K and a new stretch to Bucyrus and back. The 600K can be ridden straight through or broken up into two rides with a sleep stop tucked in the middle. Traditionally, riders who aspire to longer distances ride the 600K straight through.

This year’s flat routes have forced riders to pedal continuously and deal with headwinds, tailwinds, and storms. All these test riders mentally. Next year we will work on your legs.  For those interested in Paris-Brest-Paris next year……..LET’S CRANK IT UP.