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10/24/21 23:28

David Roderick - 7/31/2017

Next up is our “Randonneurs 101 Populaire”, coming on October 14th at 9:00 a.m. Hopefully everyone is having a successful cycling season. Do some of your friends and family wonder what that “randonneuring insanity“ you do involves? Do you want to introduce a rider or two to randonneuring? Do you see someone who is showing potential as an ultra-distance cyclist? Let’s corrupt them. In October we will have a sample of randonneuring that includes cue sheets, brevet cards, all the different types of controls they might encounter, a few hills, and a 65 mile out and back course that runs from Cyclist Connection in Canal Winchester to Granville and back. See what randonneuring is all about…rain or shine. If we are real nice, Ric and his guys will have a cookout at the end of the ride for all participants. We may even work something out with the new Micro Brewery nearby. Stay tuned for details.  Be safe out on the roads in the meantime.