May 2019 RBA Update By OR Admin
10/24/21 23:46

David Roderick - 4/29/2019

The 300K was completed by all who started. As promised, the route covered some of the same ridges as the 200K, but from a different direction. David Miller put together a great update of one of his earlier routes. It was much safer getting in and out of Chillicothe and he even threw in a “secret control” that he manned on what riders reported was a downhill. A few riders struggled with nutrition and time management. It was a great day weather-wise but some riders lingered at the turnaround control too long, in my opinion. Of course, the fact that Dawn Mettler and Ben Slay manned the control and fed the riders whatever the asked for may have been a factor. Dawn and Ben deserve a big thanks for volunteering to man the control and take any surplus food to a fire station that especially enjoyed the surplus cookie gift. Riders need to understand that there will not be a Speedway on every other corner with roller dogs and greasy pizza at PBP. I had difficulty even locating a chilled soda in France.

Next Up: Team Flèche

David and Lucy Buzzee will be hosting the flèche again this year. They will open their home to two teams, one from Indiana and one from Michigan. Word has gotten out to the randonneuring community that the Ohio Flèche is one not to miss.

For riders who are not experienced at riding at night, the 24 hour team event is perhaps the best way to learn how to manage nutrition and safely make it through the night. We always try to place it as a natural step up from the 300K to prepare for the 400K, where riders, in most cases, have to finish in the dark and lights and reflective gear are required. The flèche is also required for the R5000 award.

Toshiyuki Nemoto’s 400K

This year’s 400K is based on routes that both David Buzzee and Bob Waddell have used in the past. The ride starts at The Quality Inn at Blue Ash, near Cincinnati, across the road from the original start at The Red Roof Inn. Last fall, when I told Toshi I was considering this 400K route, he went out to check to see if the original route was viable. It needed improvement for safety and traffic concerns. Toshi photographed every cued intersection and made necessary changes. He also suggested that we move the start. Hugh Walsh was out for a leisurely ride on the route last week and found that we may need to make a change or two due to construction. It’s nice when “locals” can help keep us current. Lynn Clark is helping improve the 600K route that starts in Macedonia this year, from the route that we used just a few years ago.

Dave Miller just submitted the improved route to RUSA for approval. We always try to get any up-dates to any of our routes posted on our website the Tuesday before the ride. Even with that diligence, there may be changes made the day before or even the day of the ride. Rider safety is our primary concern.

Spring Training continues, Let’s crank it up!