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10/24/21 23:42

David Roderick - 3/28/2019

Lancaster – Jackson 200K Recap

The temperature was cool and the sun shined brightly. There were two DNF’s on the 200K. One was due to a mechanical, the other was quite possibly due to the early season start coupled with the climbing. I congratulated Ron Selby on finishing a tough ride, and he said thanks. The next words out of his mouth were “Is David Miller still here?” That is usually followed by some question about the accuracy of the cue sheet. This time Ron wanted to thank Dave for a great route. Dave was still there, and actually working on the finishing touches of the 300K route. Tim Argo was the first to complete the 200K, and he does not use a GPS. He relies on the official route that Dave has spelled out on a very detailed and accurate cue sheet. After sharing a few stories, both Ron and Tim were treated to the usual sandwich and other foods that Debi serves up. Jon Sanchirico headed back to Michigan with a few extra date bars, but he has been heard to say that they never make it across the State Line.

Spring Training has begun. As promised, we’ll work on your legs this season. Let’s crank it up…

Next Up: Canal Winchester-Logan 300K

The 300K will cross a few of the ridges we crossed on the 200K, just from a different direction. We will be starting and finishing at Cyclist Connection. Ric has a shower at his shop for post ride cleaning up. A very short distance on a bike path will lead riders to Brew Dog if they want to replace carbs post ride. Make sure your machine is mechanically sound and that you have all the required lights and reflective gear.