June 2019 RBA Update By OR Admin
10/24/21 23:47

David Roderick - 5/28/2019

Based on the finishing percentage of the 400K, Dave Miller, the principal author of all Ohio Randonneurs routes, wishes to remind PBP riders that it can be cold and rainy in France. After battling the leftover winds from this weekend’s tornados, I would like to remind riders that there may be a drought and winds in France also.

Understand, your first 400K will be your fastest. The second will be a bit slower due to nutrition, and the lack of adrenaline that carried you through the first 400K. Your last 400k will usually be slower yet, due to inadequate nutrition on the second 400K. I would suggest that if it is daylight, you need to be pedaling. Dick Seebode, five time ancien of PBP, suggested I pedal on to Carhaix before sleeping if I had daylight. Most riders stop at the overcrowded Loudeac Control. Your choice.

On this month’s 600K, PBP riders are advised to ride it straight through, not stopping at the 400K mark where you have a hotel room. Jared Schwartzentruber took advantage of the washer and dryers at the hotel to combat the rain we had on the 400K. David Miller suggests that the riders who had fenders or Camelbacks in 2007 had a better chance of success.

Spring training is over, Memorial Day, to some, is the start of summer. Let’s do Summer Camp. It’s time to taper. This brevet has less climbing than the 400K, so I am told. Yes, we add distance. Nutrition is critical. Please make sure that any potential mechanicals are taken care of. It’s time to finesse your time management. Let’s do this, let’s crank it up.