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10/24/21 23:34

David Roderick - 7/22/2018

The Tour de France is going to Brest this year. Pay attention to the scenery if you get a chance to catch any of the race. Look at some of the roads they are riding, and look at the churches. On Paris-Brest-Paris, randonneurs from the United States learn that in the wee hours of the morning, a church spire means a town and possibly a control. Brest is the turnaround on our big out and back next year. The scenery you see on The Tour is the same scenery randonneurs travel through on PBP.

Our 600K: The best story from our 600K involves our guest rider from California, Becky Berka. My pre-ride inspection observations were confirmed. She rode the 600K on a “fixie”. Five-foot-something Becky had two six-foot-something riders, Timothy Argo and Jim Koegel, drafting her.

The next story from this year’s ACP series is about all of my volunteers. Ben Slay volunteered at three controls and Andrew Clayton covered two. Dawn Mettler made sure Ben took care of things at two controls. Ted Meisky, David Miller, David Buzzee, my wife Debi, and a host of others made this series a success. I await the homologation numbers for the 600K, and will send out brevet cards and earned Ohio Series Ohio Randonneur Super Randonneur t-shirts

Ohio Randonneur Series Super Randonneurs:


Timothy Argo
Robert Schopis
John Hoban
Tetsuo Jinnai
James Vajda


Next Up:
We will be offering our Introduction to Randonneuring 101: 100K(65 miles) and a Bob Waddell 200K updated by Ted Meisky. These two rides will be RUSA 20th anniversary rides. We will have separate start times, but everyone will get a chance to enjoy a cookout put on by Cyclist Connection and Ohio Randonneurs. Ric has a shower available at the end in case you actually sweat. It is time to train. I suspect that either Ted just needed time away after nursing me through another ACP series or his trip out to Colorado and requested 200K are part of his training for PBP 2019.


Let’s Crank it up. Be safe out on the roa