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10/25/21 00:48

Alex Bachmann - 12/29/2019

My name is Alex Bachmann, from Xenia Ohio. As of December 2019, I am your new Regional Brevet Administrator for the Ohio region of RUSA cycling.

I started participating in long distance cycling in 2013 and have worked my way up to single effort rides totaling over 1000k multiple times a year. I have an active monthly “century +” streak dating back to June of 2014, which has now become a 200k+ since October of last year. My ultimate goal is to complete the Trans American Bicycle Race in 2021, one year before my 30th birthday.

I started riding with the Ohio Randonneurs in 2016, when I stumbled upon the concept of rando cycling in a desperate internet search. I didn’t think there was anyone else in the world riding the way I do. I was elated to discover an organization of riders dedicated to the long and challenging side of endurance bicycling.

I completed the SR series the following year, breaking all of my previous distance records including my first 600k, which I did on a very hilly course in Indiana. I then began my R12 streak that fall and almost completed another unofficial SR series this year. (I DNFed at the 400k, and rode my 600k on a permanent route).

Around this time last year I began creating my own routes, from rides I used to do before Randonneuring, and submitted many of them as permanent routes. Each year I ride an epic multi day route and, from this, I created my own 1200k distance ride. I realized I had some potential to contribute to RUSA and was planning on volunteering or becoming a very active permanents owner at the very least.

Then, Dave Roderick put up his post about his resignation and search for a new RBA. He and I both knew the program needed a motivated, possibly younger individual with the drive and desire to expand the program and create additional routes and events. It felt like a calling to me. I knew I had to apply.

You may be somewhat hesitant reading about my palmares and wondering if I really have what it takes to be an RBA. I’m going to let my work speak for itself in the coming year, but to ease the anxiety, it’s important to note that I have a large host of long active Randonneurs at my side helping me with the process, many of whom are past RBAs in our region.

As for now, bear with me and get those winter training programs going. I’m looking forward to an excellent year with additional events and some exciting changes in the works. The New Year is upon us and the roads are calling! Tailwinds!